Security? A matter of balance between risk and ambition!

Covid-19 measures
Obviously, DutchRisk closely follows our government Covid-19 recommendations. This means we work from our home office, but are available to support you.
Our certification courses were already planned to start after the summer, but we are also ready to do the training via web meetings.
Our crisis exercises and training have been postponed until further notice because our clients' crisis teams are now fully active. Of course, we assist them remotely with advice and assistance.
Look for the most recent Covid-19 measures on the website of the Dutch government:

Security advisory

The continuity of your organization is key!

Therefore a proper balance between your security risks and organizational ambitions is essential.

Crisis management

With DutchRisk, you will achieve an optimal balance in crisis management.

By creative - but realistic - training of your crisis team.

Professional development

You want to develop yourself through security certification or security leadership master classes.

Our high success rate is proof that your ambition is in good hands with DutchRisk.

Case Studies

Security and the new way of working

An energy provider decides to adopt the principles of “the new way of working” for a new office & service location. That new (open) approach h ...

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