Discussion & interaction

How to get a group enthusiastically exchanging ideas on security or risk management topics? How to involve groups of students, peers, sponsors or security professionals actively in an innovative security lecture followed by a discussion or workshop?

Well …… by combining an exciting presentation and a lively discussion. But that requires plenty of practical examples, best practices and proven experience. And maybe a few gray hairs.

DutchRisk / Erik de Vries CPP hosted many professional presentations on safety & security topics and enabled interactive and thus lively – discussions or workshops. One of the basic rules is to prepare and assess the topic with the client to make sure that it fits the target group. But the most important rule is to show passion and experience related to the topic. An enthusiastic presentation or lecture with fun, humor (and not preaching risk phobia) and involving the audience will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Check out our lectures page in the near future to learn more on recent topics, workshops or roundtable discussions.

Case Studies

Security and the new way of working

An energy provider decides to adopt the principles of “the new way of working” for a new office & service location. That new (open) approach h ...

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