Crisis management

A multinational with several branches in Europa and the USA wants to train its local crisis teams. Crisis-scenarios in the exercises should include security, corporate image, social media and safety. How to create “out-of-the-box” challenges to motivate and improve the crisis teams?

Safety is – obviously – high on the agenda of this chemical giant. Crisis management therefor tends to be synonymous with safety. But how does the (regional corporate) crisis team respond if the crisis does not originate from safety but for example from security, corporate image or social media? Is the crisis team ready to face such a challenge? Does the team understand the implications and does it have the resources to deal with the crisis?

Using two relatively uncommon – but realistic – scenarios for crisis team training in one year, the team achieved a major awareness step.

After the initial tabletop crisis workshop, the second exercise was truly interactive due to the involvement of one of the local emergency response teams to act as input for the scenario. One of the advantages was the ability to train on two locations in Europe at the same time. Involving our media partner and adding interviews with several senior Vice-Presidents to the exercise guaranteed pressure and activity in the exercise.

One of the biggest advantaged of our approach to combine a tabletop exercise with a strategic scenario is that it guarantees involvement and commitment of top management. This in stark contrast with the usual combining of the obligatory evacuation exercises with an unimaginative crisis management scenario.

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