Feasibility study for a central monitoring room

A major logistical company with many branches considers centralizing its security steering in a monitoring room. Managing security (both human and technical) should be centralized and also reduce over-all costs for security. How to set up the business case to convince the board and reach an investment decision?

This organization is facing huge changes in its core processes. These changes also have great impact on security. Historically distribution centers and other locations supported mainly on security guards. Over the years however, many non-security duties were added, leading to improper tasks.

In the new core process automation and stringent process control with CCTV cameras were introduced as well as architectural improvements. This makes it plausible to switch to monitoring security centrally en decrease the use of (expensive) security guards. Setting-up a central control or monitoring room for security seems a feasible option.

But security perception and ratio are two completely different things!

Our mandate and challenge was to write a business case that would not only prove the technical feasibility, but also that long-term cost saving was achievable to justify the initial investment. Total cost of ownership and return on investment were the key-issues.

During the project we spend plenty of time to involve stakeholders and the workplace to achieve a thorough financial basis. Technical solutions were assessed. Emotional barriers regarding manned security or technical monitoring were discussed. Cost saving was realistically calculated. Not exaggerated, but clearly linked to the need to make choices. Cost saving required decision-making.

The business case was accepted. Implementation is in the process of decision-making.

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