Security strategy & team workshop

The security MT of a global telecom provider delivers high quality and unique security services. But the MT struggles to keep pace with fast changing corporate developments and strategic changes. A moderator can balance strategy focus & teambuilding in a strategy workshop with outdoor elements!

The world around us changes rapidly. At the same time security professionals and security departments tend to be quite conservative. This holds the risk of loosing connection with the fast changing corporate strategy. How do you assure that your security (management) team does not only deliver high standard security but also keeps up the pace with fast changing corporate developments?

In cooperation with the European Security Academy, DutchRisk developed a strategy & team workshop for security MT’s. In a two or three day session we offer the possibility to claim 100% of the attention to focus or regain focus on security strategy. An outdoor activity is an integral part of the workshop. The workshop encompasses on the process of change and the recognition of opportunities and threats following that change.

The outdoor activity is strenuous but is not aimed at physical performance. Professional outdoor specialists focus on setting and achieving (team) goals, working as a team and realizing that as a team the group can usually do much more than anticipated. The overnight workshop is held at an inspiring and historic location. The location also guarantees an excellent food & beverage experience. It goes without saying that such an overnight workshop must hold pleasant memories for later. That enhances the team feeling.

The outdoor experience and lessons-learned (and fun!) are used as metaphors during the next day to point out team-efforts in relation to security strategy. At the end of the workshop every participant takes home several practical but very SMART action points to achieve and to develop or enhance the security strategy.

In close cooperation with the client we provide follow-up for the actions and set-targets after an agreed period. The main learning points from the workshop:

  • Practical and direct action & tools

  • An up-to-date and practical security strategy

  • The recognition that security must be “marketed” as a business issue within the corporate organization

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