About DutchRisk

DutchRisk helps you to choose the right security approach. Measures that increase your security, but proportional to your risks. No excessive or unnecessary steps but organizational solutions.
And with “Dutch” common sense.

Because 100% security does not exist, we also advise on crisis management.

Our advice is totally independent and builds on years of experience and (international) knowledge.

We also share our knowledge and experience through security certification preparation courses and security leadership master classes.

Mission and vision

It is the mission of DutchRisk to help you find a balance between the security risks and the ambition of your organization.

Many organizations struggle with risk dilemmas. Often they insufficiently understand risks. Therefore, recognizing and (professionally) analyzing security risks is important.

Our strength is to bring your risks structurally and efficiently under control. In addition to your own business risks, for example laws and regulations, certification, customer requirements and security standards should be considered.

Our clients

Case Studies

Security and the new way of working

An energy provider decides to adopt the principles of “the new way of working” for a new office & service location. That new (open) approach h ...

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