CPP, PSP, PCI, APP Certification

CPP, APP, PSP, PCI preparation programs

Do you want to develop yourself and stand out from the crowd? Being ASIS board certified, demonstrates your knowledge and compentency in they key security domains.

DutchRisk offers unique programs to optimally prepare candidates before taking the CPP, APP, PSP or PCI examination. Read more

Security leadership masterclass

Lead. Don’t follow.

In today’s world, leadership is about inspiring others to perform at their best. This not only offers unprecedented opportunities for the security leader, but also challenges since subject-specific knowledge and experience are no longer sufficient.

It has been demonstrated that the business skills of the security professional must be improved. Our security leadership masterclass offers you the insights and tools needed to develop yourself into one of the next generation security leaders. Read more

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Case Studies

Security and the new way of working

An energy provider decides to adopt the principles of “the new way of working” for a new office & service location. That new (open) approach h ...

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