ASIS 15th European Security Conference 2016, London. Lynn de Vries introduces ROSI (Return on Security Investment) in her presentation Savings on Security Do Not Equal Profits – How to Convince your Board

ASIS 15th European Security Conference 2016, London. Erik de Vries leading a panel discussion on Securing the Internet of Security Things

ASIS 13th European Security Conference and Exhibition 2014, The Hague, Netherlands Tripe A - ASIS EU 2014 (Erik de Vries - Dick Oey)

Axis-ASIS Benelux Wintermeeting 11 december 2013 Axis-ASIS Benelux Wintermeeting intro Erik de Vries (11-12-13)

ASIS 12th European Security Conference and Exhibition, Gothenburg, Sweden Project X (ASIS EU 2013 Gothenburg) text (educational session)

DGC theme day Security & ICT DGC April 3th 2013 (lecture) - Dutch

Safety & Security supplement SmartMedia in De Telegraaf Safety & Security October 17th 2012 (editorial) - Dutch

Case Studies

Security and the new way of working

An energy provider decides to adopt the principles of “the new way of working” for a new office & service location. That new (open) approach h ...

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